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4 Blade Boomerangs

Our selection of 4 blade boomerangs are the easiest to throw and have return. The quad blade boomerang, when thrown properly, acts as a helicopter propeller, spinning right back to the user. We would recommend a 3 blade boomerang for children and novice throwers. Each Boomerang Depot boomerang is sanded & crafted in the USA. Boomerang Depot has one main goal: To provide the best boomerangs in the industry at the lowest prices. Our 4 Blade Boomerangs start as low as $25 and are always in stock, ready to ship.
Boomerang Depot Vulture Boomerang, X Style, 8.5"

Boomerang Depot Vulture Boomerang, X Style, 8.5"

$50.00 $25.00

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