Boomerang Depot Oriole Boomerang, V Style, 14"

Boomerang Depot Oriole Boomerang, V Style, 14"

Code: BD-Oriole

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Boomerang Depot Oriole Boomerang Description:

  • Aircraft Grade Baltic Birch Wood
  • V Style
  • 14"
The Oriole Boomerang is a V Style Boomerang that features 2 blades. This V style boomerang has an angle of less than 90 degrees between its wings, which allows for accuracy and distance. This Oriole Boomerang has a length of 14 inches from tip to tip of the boomerang, making it one of our largest boomerangs. The 9.5" wing allows for a longer MTA (Maximum Time Aloft) when thrown.

Each V-type Boomerang from Boomerang Depot is built for performance and distance. Our Oriole Boomerang is mainly for adults and experienced throwers since it is designed to travel the farthest and stay in the air the longest. The overall length from tip to tip for the Oriole Boomerang is 14". At Boomerang Depot, we construct each Oriole Boomerang from aircraft grade Baltic Birch Wood. This boomerang features a 5 ply thickness.